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 Marvellous Marvy Marker, japanese Dr. Grip shakers

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Date d'inscription : 19/05/2015

MessageSujet: Marvellous Marvy Marker, japanese Dr. Grip shakers
Mar 19 Mai 2015 - 17:12


I'm Cezary, known as Fuco, and I'm here to offer you some nice stuff Smile

I'm from PPP, but I was trading worldwide for quite a while a few years ago.
Now I have:
165+ in PPP white list (check)
2+ in FPSB (check 1) (check 2),
1+ in GPC (check)
1+ in JEB (check)
more than 15+ in UPSB (can't remember exactly, due to crash of upsb v4).

Some time ago I was trying to get a Marvy Marker Mod, because I've lost my old beloved one. It was really hard, since those markers are discontinued for more than 5 years. After a few weeks of searching in PS and non-PS world, I've found the store which still had some of those marvellous markers in nice, non-greyish colors Smile

Of course there was no point in getting one mod for myself, so... I've bought them ALL Smile

Now I'm here to offer you some of those mods, and other goods Smile

I'm sorry, but I need to point that just the shipping from Japan and import taxes cost me around 60 EUR, so I need some luck to get this back to my wallet Smile It's important, because I'm getting married on 8. 08. 2015 Smile

Remember that buying from me, you support my wedding Smile

Long story short: the goodies below!

And some more photos Wink
There goes Marvellous Marvy Mod!:

The price depends on colour (click to see the picture):

  • no.1 - black (forgot to put it in the picture)
  • no.4 - green
  • no.13 - gold ochre
  • no.20 - magenta
  • no.28 - english red (forgot to put it in the picture)
  • no.42 - cream yellow
  • no.47 - light pink
  • no.58 - peacock green
  • no.50 - lily purple


  • no.6 - brown
  • no.14 - turquoise (it's a bit more pale than peacock green)
  • no.23 - gold oak
  • no. 56 - steel blue

I sell whole and prepared mods, which means one body without inktube, two caps, including signo tips.
If you want, I may leave the inktube for you. I can also sell them without signo tips.

I can also sell (click to see the picture):
Signo broad - White grip, perfect for gripcuts
A few markers - 2x CT, some clear waterfall parts, some comssas Wink

And some more:

And a few Dr. Grip shaker pencils Wink
9€ Each Wink

Getting stuff from me, you support my wedding! :3

And some collab to remind Wink

Contact me via PM or e-mail:
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Marvellous Marvy Marker, japanese Dr. Grip shakers

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