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 [SiS] Edding Broad

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Date d'inscription : 29/09/2012
Age : 23
Localisation : Lilillieleille

MessageSujet: [SiS] Edding Broad
Mer 3 Oct 2012 - 14:23

De Bläischtift

[size=200]Edding Broad[/size]

Translated by Bläischtift, Sherm, Madman and Sperki from the GPC


Since I started with penspinning I looked for a possibility to use signo broad bodys in a good way because I noticed their potenzial.I just managed it in this mod. It has a good momentum, a good feeling body and in my opinion its looking good, too.
Because of good feedback in GPC, FPSB and also UPSB i made a tutorial.

Length: adjustable
Weight: ca 15 gramme
Style: single sided
Writing: not writable
Costs: ca 13 euro


1 Uniball Signo Broad (Body, Cap and Tip (and maybe a bit of the grip))
1 Edding 1515 (ink eraser)
1 FarberCastell Gripmatic (Tip)
1 Pentel RSVP (Backplug)
1 Bellcolor (Backplug)
1 Pilot Dr Grip (Grip)
1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
1 Sailor Gel (Grip)
1 beliebige Mine (i used G2)

-Inlays for cap and front
-nailpolish remover



Take away both caps of the edding 1515 and cutt he ends so you can put the inktube away. If you want a shorter mod you can cut more away of the body. Now usewith nail polish remover to make the body white.


Take the cap of the Signo Broad and push the colored Part(with the Clip) with a long tool out of the cap.
Cut away about 5 mm of the thin side.

Take the Bellcolor backplug, the Signo tip and the RSVP backplug.
Connect the Signo tip with the RSVP Backplug (watch the picture for it).
Cut the Edding 1515 cap into 2 pieces. Cut it in the middle of the cap. and take the outer part of the cap.
Wide the inlay for the cap around the Bellcolor backplug, the part of the Edding capand the RSVP backplug with the Signo tip.

Now, stick it from the bigger side of the cap in the Signo cap.
The Bellcolor backplug must outstand on the thin side of the cap.
Wide tape around the backplug.

Put grips on the cap.
I have used 4 stripes of Anyball grips, 2 stripes Sailor Gel grip, 2 Stripes Dr Grip grip.
Stick the Cap on the body. The backplug hold the cap on the body.


Take the body of the Signo.
Cut the body like on the pic.

Put grips on the wider part of the body.
I have used 1,5 cm Dr Grip grip, a thin Dr Grip grip stripe, 4 stripes Anyball grip and 2 stripes Sailor grip.
Put a Inlay in the body. If you have a colored body, you can put a inlay under the grips.

Take 2cm of the G2 refill and wind tape round the refill, so that you can screw the Gripmatic tip on the refill.

Stick it in the frontpart. The Dr Grip grip also hold the tip.
As an ornament, I have put a stripe of the Signo Grip between the Dr Grip grip and the Gripmatic tip.

Now, stick the thin part of the frontpart in the body.

I hope, that you like the tutorial and that a people make this mod.

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[SiS] Edding Broad

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